Gourmet Pie Challenge


Group Sizes 5-200

Duration: 1 to 6 hours

Location: Nationwide

Key Skills

  • Energising team activity
  • Educational, fun and hands on
  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Pastry, baking and knife skills



Every region in the UK has their version of pie for which it is famed and there is simply nothing more British than “Pie and mash”, sweet or savoury, square, or round, big and small there are so many variations and varieties there is simply no limit to this activity.
We will challenge your teams to come up with their own sweet and savoury pie and brand, we can include menu boards, boxes and craft material to help.

Event Outline

To begin our event host will welcome guests and divide the group into teams and interview each team and head chef, our expert chef will then demonstrate pastry making, baking, rolling and knife handling skills, and health and safety

Each team will be responsible for organising themselves and delegating tasks; this will have to include making the pastry, custards, preparing sweet and savoury fillings, rolling and baking. Each team will be expected to make 1 large sweet pie, 12 small individual pies and 1 large signature pie of their own recipe and design using a seasonal mystery basket of ingredients which we will provide, the signature pie will have to include a working method budget and technique for judging.

To conclude each team will sit down together to enjoy the fruits of their labour while our chef scores team efforts, judging criteria will be

  • Best pie creations (no soggy bottoms accepted!)
  • Technical skills
  • Time management
  • Team work
  • Sales pitch (optional)

we also will include a few additional ingredients in our larder for teams to be creative with and some bags and boxes to take home what is left.

What’s included?

  • Michelin Star Trained chefs and Chocolatiers with professional event managers
  • A dedicated project manager who will liaise with you directly and other companies involved on the day.
  • Public liability for up to £1,000,000
  • Risk Assessments and Haccaps
  • All Specialist equipment, ingredients and recipes.
  • Medals and Aprons
  • All pre-event and onsite event management with a follow up and feedback if required.
  • We will do our upmost to give you an outstanding event, and to deliver the desired outcomes and objectives which you have requested and ensure that everyone has a totally enjoyable, unforgettable and rewarding experience.
  • Within 2 working days we will be in contact with your feedback and share memorable photos taken by our event managers with you within 5 working days.

Additional Extras to consider

  • Photography and filming
  • Venue finding services
  • Facilitation
  • Prizes


12:00 Events crew arrive onsite and set up, this can be at any venue or location nationwide and beyond.

13:50 Room is set and our event host will meet your point of contact.

14:00 We warmly welcome your guests and explain what is to be expected of them, guests are put into teams (unless pre-selected) and go to their colour coded cooking zones. Hats and aprons are put on and a Head Chef (who will be awarded the head chef hat) is appointed by each team

14:15 Some good housekeeping with a health and safety briefing relevant to the tasks and venue is given by our host followed by interviewing the head chefs from each team, the briefing and warm up session is rounded off with a “yes chef!” from each team.

14:20 A demonstration is given by our chef(s) relevant to the menu or challenge, this may be on a big screen for larger groups so all the guests can see and understand the technical skills that are required such as knife skills presentation techniques and good food practices.

14:40 Preparing and cooking the food commences

16:30 Cooking concludes, and teams sit down to share and enjoy the food they have made. The chef will judge each pie and signature pies.

17:00 The winning team is announced, medals awarded and proud photo moments for the winning team are shared. During the event debrief your host and chef will share the most amusing moments and highlights from the activity and conclude with thank you’s and goodbyes.

17:30 Event crew commence derig (we leave the event space clean and tidy)


``Definitely something for everyone to enjoy. It was very organized and people are still enjoying munching on the chocolates they made!``

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