Virtual European Cookery Class

Virtual Italian Cookery Class

Virtual European Cookery Class

Group Sizes 15-2000

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Location: Via Zoom – UK, Europe, Worldwide

Included:  Virtual Corporate Event boxes with ingredients

Virtual European Cookery Class

  • Facilitated virtually by a leading chef
  • Classic Italian Cuisine
  • Knife skills and cooking techniques
  • Reconnect & Boost team morale
  • Inspire creativity and innovation






In this virtual European Cookery Class you will master 2 classic Italian dishes. Italian cuisine is one of the most popular types of food in the world, in this master class you will work with a professional chef learning how to make Gnocchi and a classic Italian dessert.

Event Outline

Welcome to our Virtual European Cookery Class – “Italian Flavours”

Event Outline

An inspiring cookery demonstration then begins, where guests cook a long with the Chef learning new skills and techniques.  Guests can add in ingredients from their pantry or fridge to incorporate their own twist.

This is a great activity if you want to give your team a unique virtual  cookery experience whilst learning new skills.  We will delivery Italian cookery kits to the guests, please note in addition they will be required to provide some basic kitchen equipment from home.

Sample Menu

Main Course

Gnocchi served with a sage gremolata and black olive tapenade (vegetarian)


Panacotta with a seasonal fruit compote with a lemon and poppy biscotti

Both dishes are vegetarian, we can suggest vegan alternatives for each course

Why not?

Why not turn up the heat and add a competitive element, whilst your team mates to go head to head. Our chef will then score on presentation and creative use of ingredients.

This is a great activity if you want to give your team a unique virtual cooking experience whilst learning new skills.  We will deliver Italian making kits to the guest homes, please note in addition they will be required to provide some basic kitchen equipment from home.

If you are interested in running this in a conference room as an alternative to virtually go to


What’s included in the Virtual European Cookery Class

  1. Consultation with a Michelin Star Chef or Rosette Chef  prior to the event
  2. The Virtual European Cookery class is facilitated by a leading Chef
  3. Event parcels delivered to your guests homes shipped out by a courier service
  4. Specialised ingredients provided in pre-weighed and shipped out in food temperature controlled boxed parcels in line with the Food Standards Agency policies
  5. Recipes
  6. Equipment list (guests to provide basic equipment)
  7. Cookery keepsake
  8. Chef hats and biodegradable disposable aprons
  9. Informative foodie charts, such as fruit & vegetables in season, metric conversions
  10. Risk Assessments, Haccaps, 10 Million Public Liability Insurance
  11. Reassurance that Hartleys Events have been awarded a 5 Star food rating from Food Standards Agency
  12. A dedicated project manager who will liaise with you.
  13. Online Judging, support with a follow up and feedback if required.
Virtual Italian Cuisine

How does it work?

Virtual Event Packages Delivered to your guests 

Delegates will have a virtual event package sent direct to their home with the specialized ingredients, hat, apron, useful foodie charts and keepsake.  The parcels will be delivered by one of our partner couriers 2 days before the activity.  Guests will simply log in and join their colleagues and one of our Chefs for an inspiring  and fun cookery activity.

Common questions

  1. Ingredients going to guest’s homes, – how does that work?

The ingredients will be sent in sealed ice bags and temperature controlled within the boxes in line with food and hygiene legislation.  Giuests will need to open the boxes and fridgerate the items which required to be cooled until the activity starts.

      2. What about sending parcels to guest’s homes and protection of guests data?

You will be given login details to upload the guests addresses for the parcel deliveries.

  1. Which courier service do you use?

We use DPD for deliveries but will consider other services.  DPD take photos of parcels to confirm delivery as an alternative to signing for them because of corona virus.

Virtual Canape Making


``Fantastic - what more can I say, they had a fantastic time. Pam and Leo were superb and I hope they enjoyed themselves too. We had the most tremendous fun. The teams had no idea what they were doing for the activity. Thank you for looking after us and making our event superbly enjoyable. We will definately want to book cooking again, ``

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