Virtual or Live Christmas Chocolate Making

Luxury chocolates

Virtual or Live Christmas Chocolate Making

Group Sizes: 12 – 2000

Duration:     1 to 3 hours

Virtual: via Zoom            Production studios 4 cameras

Live: In person nationwide pop up cookery school

Key Skills & Benefits

  • Christmas party event
  • Client Engagement
  • Team Building
  • Art of  Chocolate making
  • Michelin Star Chocolatiers
  • Chocolate boxes sent
  • Personalized invites
  • Recipes
  • Super easy to book



Last year we run this event virtually for hundreds of companies and again we are delighted to be able to offer our luxury Christmas chocolate making virtually this year. Perfect for Christmas parties and one of our best sellers. Guests will receive luxury chocolate making boxes and join our chocolatiers from one of our production studios for festive culinary fun.

Event Outline Virtual Christmas Chocolate Making

Invite your clients or team to join you in this unique virtual Christmas chocolate making experience. Be entertained by a Michelin Star Trained Chocolatier and sweeten up your Christmas  with a chocolate making  activity from professional kitchen studios. Each Studio has 3 to 4 cameras for high end virtual experiences, ensuring guests wont miss a moment. Guests will simply log in, join your other guests and be accompanied by one of our Chocolatiers, everyone will receive chocolate making boxes prior to the activity ready for festive chocolate making fun.

Attendees will learn about the cocoa bean, how it becomes a chocolate bar from a bean and watch professional Belgian chocolate making demonstration. They will learn how to make ganache, the art of tempering, dipping and decorating techniques. We will share lots of tips and tricks of the trade and there will be opportunities to ask questions. 

Do you want to include a competitive element?

For those who want a competitive element to this experience, we will set a team challenge! Groups will go into their own virtual breakout rooms to work together away from their colleagues. Here teams must decide on a daring and diverse concept to break into the chocolate market and allocate a head to delegate specific tasks to such as branding, UPSs, box design and marketing. Each group will then be invited back into the chat room and a nominated spokesperson then must present their teams ideas. They must persuade the judges why their team’s ideas are quite simply the best

Large Groups 70 – 2000

For large groups we can have 3 or 4 studios running simultaneously, this is ideal if guests have different preferences and large numbers of attendees.  In simple terms, all guests would join together too meet and welcomed by our Team and your CEO.  Guests would then be sent to different Studios for there virtual experiences and then magically all be brought back together at the end of there activity to join the main Studio to share highlights.   If your company wants a competitive element our team will nominate winners and conclude with debrief, thank you’s and goodbyes.  An ideal solution for companies who will be expecting large sign ups whilst offering more choice.

Studio 1 Gingerbread Houses

Studio 2 Virtual Christmas Bake Off

Studio 3 Virtual Cheese & Wine tasting

Studio 4 Virtual Christmas Culinary Games

Booking process

We take of all the organization and event management for our clients.   On confirmation we will send you a branded personalized E-Invite to share with the guests, this will also include a basic equipment list of what guests need to provide.  Nearer the event we will share the zoom link, and chocolate recipes from the best establishments worldwide.  Our Chocolate boxes are are lovingly packed from our warehouse then shipped by our partner courier companies which we track.  The whole process is super easy for the booker, we take care and manage everything.

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What’s included?

  1. Consultation with a Michelin Star Chef, Rosette Chef or Chocolatier if bespoke
  2. Facilitated by one of our leading Chefs and professional event managers
  3. Live streaming from one of our professional studios with 4 cameras
  4. Event production crew. (we manage the zoom link, admit guests, manage break out rooms)
  5. Icebreakers, interactive demonstrations,  spotlighting, Online judging, support with a follow up and feedback
  6. Zoom recordings and editing available on request
  7. Personalized invite, recipes and equipment list (guests to provide basic equipment) to share with guests
  8. Event boxes with Chef hats delivered to your guests homes shipped by a courier service in line with the Food Standards Agency policies
  9. Branded corporate gifts can be included
  10. Risk Assessments, Haccaps, 10 Million Public Liability Insurance
  11. Reassurance that Hartleys Events have been awarded a 5 Star food rating from Food Standards Agency
  12. A dedicated event manager who will liaise with you and organize everything for you.


Christmas Chocolate Making Boxes Delivered to your guests

Delegates will have a chocolate making box sent direct to their home with the specialized ingredients and hat.  The parcels will be delivered by one of our partner couriers 2 days before the activity.  Guests will simply log in and join their colleagues and one of our Chefs for an inspiring  and fun cookery activity.

 Common questions

  1. Ingredients going to guest’s homes, – how does that work?

The ingredients will be sent in sealed ice bags and temperature controlled within the boxes in line with food and hygiene legislation.  

  1. What about sending parcels to guest’s homes and protection of guests data?

You will be given login details to upload the guests addresses for the parcel deliveries.

  1. Which courier service do you use?

We use DPD for deliveries but will consider other services.  

Chocolate Christmas Tree laying on surface


``Many thanks for your expertise and time to give us a brilliant afternoon for our away day.``

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HM Treasury

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    Live in person Christmas Chocolate Making

    For this who are considering in person Christmas chocolate making, we will have your teams literally up to their elbows in this hands in chocolate in luxury Christmas chocolate making workshop.  On arrival our host will usher guests to team tables where they will put on Santa hats and aprons, this will be followed by teams nominating a project manager and a head chef. The event host will then hand over to one of our highly trained professional Hartleys chocolatiers for an interactive demonstration to include chocolate tempering, ganache making, dipping and finishing.

    The Chocolate Challenge, teams decide on daring and diverse festive flavors with a branded box to put forward for judging later on in the activity.

    The project manager allocates specific tasks to each delegate such as manufacturing, branding, box design and marketing, guests are given the freedom to choose measure and weigh their own ingredients.

    Each team will be expected to pipe shape, temper, and dip and package a whopping 100 chocolates to complete the challenge laid down by our judges.

    Teams present their chocolates and festive box design  ready to go into the board room. Spokespersons give presentations to persuade the judge why their teams are quite simply the best, we encourage managers from your company to get involved in the judging as it creates “good banter”.

    Judging concludes feedback is given and a winning team is announced.

    I love chocolate!

    What’s included?

    • Michelin Star Trained chefs and Chocolatiers with professional event managers
    • A dedicated project manager who will liaise with you directly and other companies involved on the day.
    • Public liability for up to £1,000,000
    • Risk Assessments and Haccaps
    • All Specialist equipment, ingredients and recipes.
    • Medals and Aprons
    • All pre-event and onsite event management with a follow up and feedback if required.
    • We will do our upmost to give you an outstanding event, and to deliver the desired outcomes and objectives which you have requested and ensure that everyone has a totally enjoyable, unforgettable and rewarding experience.
    • Within 2 working days we will be in contact with your feedback and share memorable photos taken by our event managers with you within 5 working days.

    Additional Extras to consider

    • Photography and filming
    • Venue finding services
    • Facilitation
    • Prizes


    12:00 Events crew arrive onsite and set up, this can be at any venue or location nationwide and beyond.

    13:50 Room is set and our event host will meet your point of contact.

    14:00 We warmly welcome your guests and explain what is to be expected of them, guests are put into teams (unless pre-selected) and go to their chocolate cooking zones. Hats and aprons are put on and a Head Chef (who will be awarded the head chef hat) is appointed by each team

    14:15 Some good housekeeping with a health and safety briefing relevant to the tasks and venue is given by our host followed by interviewing the head chefs from each team, the briefing and warm up session is rounded off with a “yes chef!” from each team.

    14:20 A demonstration is given by our chef(s) relevant to the menu or challenge, this may be on a big screen for larger groups so all the guests can see and understand the technical skills that are required such as kganache making and chocolate tempering with good food practices.

    14:40 Practical chocolate making commences.

    16:30 Practical concludes and judging commences

    16:55 The winning team is announced, medals awarded and proud photo moments for the winning team are shared. During the event debrief your host and chef will share the most amusing moments and highlights from the activity and conclude with thank you’s and goodbyes.

    17:00 Event crew commence derig (we leave the event space clean and tidy)

    Chocolate Christmas Tree laying on surface

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    ``Many thanks for your expertise and time to give us a brilliant afternoon for our away day.``

    Testimonial HM Treasury
    HM Treasury

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