Virtual Team Building – Sustainable

Virtual Cookery Team Building

Virtual Team Building –  Sustainable

Cooking sustainabaly is high on our agenda and we are continuously looking at ways to care for our planet.     Virtual cookery team building is without a doubt a very sustainable way of getting your team together.   No need for driving, so immediately you reduce your company’s carbon footprint.  We have made it so easy, delegates can just log in with one of  our chefs and one other for a virtual cook off.  They will be sent virtual event boxes in the post which contain the ingredients required.

We are currently running 9 virtual cookery team building events

Chocolate Making

Sushi Making Experience

Culinary Games

Health & Well-Being

Bake A Long

European Cookery Classs

Asian Cook A Long


Canape Making

Stay inspired, Imagine, and have renewed vision in one of our corporate cookery experiences

Possibilities in business are endless, and business is always about relationships

Imagine – Contemplate – Success   –  The format of the Virtual Cookery Experiences


Cook A Long

In Cook A Longs your guests will learn new cookery skills with one of our leading chefs.  We guarante to lift the spirits, boost team morale, and give a fun cookery platform where guests can reconnect and have fun together.  Give them a grilling, turn up the heat, and add a competitive element, our chef will then score on presentation and creative use of ingredients  We believe there is nothing more therapeutic than cooking something from scratch and seeing amazing results.   Cooking is good for soul and mental well-being; it brings a high reward of self-satisfaction.  Cooking sustainabally is also high on our agenda and we are continuously looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and introducing cooking with plant foods where we can.

Hartley’s Events is a family business which really cares and has a dream team of Michelin Star trained Chefs, Rosette Chefs, Chocolatiers, highly experienced event staff and associates.  The Hartley promise comes with the guarantee that we will ensure your clients will receive the desired outcomes whilst having a fantastic, fun, memorable experiences.

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